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Trump is footing the bill for his own campaign. He won't be captive to special interests' agendas)

The best jokes, tweets and memes reacting to the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.: Trump's Mouth

Funniest Presidential Debate Memes

A roundup of must-see memes lampooning Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the failed presidential candidates.: Bill Maher on Trum's Mouth

Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes: Beat Up By A Girl

Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes

Not a Girl -- Drumpf-kopf was crushed by a brilliant, accomplished, fully informed Woman!

What really scares me is the idea that people will vote for this poor excuse of a human and he actually wins!

Trump is not a joke

I think a lot of people are not taking Trump seriously bc he is such a constant dumpster fire. We still have a lot of time until November and anything could happen, we can not just treat him like a joke, he is a threat to democracy as we know it.