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Hillary and Donald. Go Home, America. You're Drunk!

US election Trump, Clinton remain front-runners

The real problem with the election

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2016 US Presidential Election: Updated Odds, Predictions & Picks

Sons of Liberty: Think harder dumbass.

Someone help me understand

"Here's Donald!" The Shining parody Trump

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Somehow, I doubt she feels that way, about uniting with a scumbag rival like Trump.

These same hypocrites talked so much shit about Obama and now they get pissed off because people do not accept Trump as president elect! I voted so I have the right to not ever accept him as my president!

Trying to choose between these 2 is like trying to choose which type of cancer you want. We have gone from great presidents to corrupt liars who want to destroy the middle class. Wake up people. #FeeltheBern

No, we had a Constitutional candidate that both political parties did not want (Because both sides are crooked) but low-info voters pushed out Cruz for progressives Trump, Bernie & Hillary. We continue to imitate the fall of the Roman Empire.

Donald Trumph hair - Imgflip

welfare king "a freeloader who’s made his way in life by feeding off other people’s hard work” - Donald Trump wild hair

Yes.  Please.

Someone struggled for our right to vote, to hold public office, to control our…


NEW - Hillary Clinton Demon Possession Slow Motion - Pause @ 37 Seconds - Creepy Black Eyes

Photoshopped Flags Coming Out Of Donald Trump’s Nose Is Hilarious – 10 Pics

Photoshopped Flags Coming Out Of Donald Trump's Nose Is Hilarious - 10 Pics

NBC legal analyst, Lisa Bloom, makes a compelling argument as to why the MSM should not ignore the recent child rape case filed by “Jane Doe” against Donald Drumpf. Jane Doe reports she was raped more than once by Donald Drumpf when she was 13 years.

Of course, "A" Historic.   Looks like mainstream US education system is showing signs of strains. But, that's fine.  The more important question being: Which country will America Destroy next? Fighting - Brave, Strong, Leadership, Justice, Freedom :)

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34 œElf€ Quotes That Never Get Old I can't count how many times I say this just within a day- literally not even kidding.

34 "Elf" Quotes That Never Get Old

34 œElf€ Quotes That Never Get Old. My love for Elf runs deep

Donald trump approves | YOU WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? DON'T VOTE FOR THIS ASSHOLE | image tagged in donald trump approves | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

When asked in an interview why the DOJ has so many positions unfilled, Trumps answer was "I'm the only one that matters". He thinks of himself as KING and not as our President. What a moron !