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Miranda Lawson #Cosplay #MassEffect // Model: Sarah Diane // Outfit by www.siqclothing.com

Character: Miranda Lawson / From: BioWare's 'Mass Effect' Video Game Series / Cosplayer: Sarah Diane

Big Daddy, Little Sister and Splicer - BioShock Cosplay

A Big Daddy and Little Sister stand over the corpse of a splicer. I cannot imagine making a Big Daddy costume for a convention.

Awesome Mass Effect costumes

The most popular pictures in one place. On More than reality we are giving you a little bit more of reality. This is not exhibitionism, it is just cosplay.

Wreck it Ralph cosplayer

I love Vanellope from new cartoon Wreck-It Ralph! c: Our characters are very similar x) So.This is my first Vanellope test-cosplay ) Vanellope von Schweetz cosplay

Salarian Scientist Mordin Solus.

Mordin Solus

Professor Mordin Solus, Mass Effect the Doc who takes out Merc squads and sings Gilbert and Sullivan.

Monster in the Darkness from Order of the Stick Cosplay

Now that all the craziness of last weekend's New York Comic Con has worn off, we at The Mary Sue have combed through the cosplay—Lady Lokis, Homestuck a'plenty

Gorgeous Harley Quinn tulle tutu cosplay! - 10 Victorian Steampunk Cosplays:

One of A Kind – Best DIY Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad Costume / Cosplay Ideas. Harley Quinn is one of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2016 thanks to the explosive fashion, quirky persona …