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Four Of A Kind - Photo and caption by Ken Conger - Coastal Brown Bear Sow with unusual 4 spring cubs captured in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

A grizzly bear catching a sockeye salmon

A grizzly bear catching a sockeye salmon // Deadliest Catch by Stephen Oachs

Grizzly bear cub. #Bear #Cute_Animals

Grizzly bear cub showing off his cute footsies.

Hitchin a ride ~

Cute Bear Cub hitches a lift on its mothers

.Mama Bear carrying Boo Boo

You have to listen to mamaAlan Hill Bush dog puppy transport Speothos venaticus, Chester Zoo, July This puppy was always escaping from the den. The adults carried him back so many times that his neck got very wet. The puppies are 6 weeks old.

Look mom, I'm sleeping. I'm not even thinking about diving when you fall asleep!

Polar bear cub plays peek-a-boo

Miks' Pics "Animals ll" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/animals-ll/

Black bear sitting at picnic table hands on table waiting, I built this with my bear hands wood work carpenters, Hey Boo Boo where's the picnic basket says Yogi the bear cartoons,

B - Bart  -  1977 - 2000

Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) - The History / Bears breeds .

A bison cow and her calf in Yellowstone National Park

Buffalo Mom and Baby. Awesome pin, my Dad & Mom use to raise buffalo's & nothing cuttier than a baby buffalo.

Grizzly by Tim

Grizzly bear cub on fallen tree, Great Bear Rain Forest, BC