"BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY" by Jimmy Nelson. Everything about this photography project is just plain beautiful (idea&images). Congratulations!!!

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Carrying bananas to the market. When these green bananas ripen in a few days they will be yellow

The SAMBURU tribe, KENYA + TANZANIA, December 2010. photo © Jimmy Nelson.

BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY: Jimmy Nelson (re)Connecting Us To The Purity Of Mankind

Samburu tribe, Kenya and Tanzania, by Jimmy Nelson from Before They Pass Away

Goroka, Papua New Guinea | Jimmy Nelson  #unomatch #lifestyle #pics #hollywood #bollywood #pictures

Menaja Koke Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western Highlands Papua New Guinea, 2010 - before they

Photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled the world to document the cultures of indigenous tribes at risk of disappearing. It took him over four years to complete his project and the result is the brilliant book “Before They Pass Away.”

See These Rare Photos of 22 Indigenous Tribes Before They Disappear

"Before They Pass Away," series of the world's remotest tribes, members of the indigenous cattle-herding and agricultural Dassanech Tribe of The Southern Omo Valley, situated in Africa’s Great Rift Valley photographed by Jimmy Nelson, 2011

Jimmy Nelson Before They Pass Away

Beautiful photographs of disappearing tribes and indigenous people from around the world

BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY - The ancient Arctic Chukchi live on the peninsula of the Chukotka. Unlike other native groups of Siberia, they have never been conquered by Russian troops.

beautiful. I wonder what happened to this girl.

Young Berber woman of Tunisia (early File:Lehnert Landrock - Ouled Naïl Tunisie

Russia - Young Buryat girl in traditional dress, Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Russia -- Jeune fille Bouriate en habit traditionnel, République de Bouriatie, Lac Baikal, Russie.    Image: © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko | BaikalNature Team | www.BaikalNature.com

Young Buryat girl in traditional dress, Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Russia. © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko, BaikalNature Team