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tuareg village, libya

A Tuareg Village in the Ubari lakes area, Libya,Sahara desert. The Tuareg (الطوارق) are Berber people (البربر) with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.

Africa | Thatch-covered conical roofs of cylindrical houses in a Matakam compound, Cameroon. | ©Rene Gardi

Africa: Thatch-covered conical roofs of cylindrical houses in a Matakam compound, Cameroon. by Rene Gardi

Bildergebnis für kashan

Boroujedi-ha Mansion Site and climate The building is located in the historical part of Kashan/Iran.

A beautiful colorful traditional ethnic African round hut of the Ndbele tribe in a village in South Africa in the peaceful evening sun

The Ndebele ART . the ndebele women do this beautiful art work! my Mom is from the Ndebele clan! it is absolutely beautiful

SAHEL Dogon village aerial, Mali

Since only of women get to attend college. Forced to spend their lives as an entrapped mother.

egypt western desert siwa oasis pigeon houses ...

The Siwa oasis measures 9 to in width and in length. It is covered to a large extent by palm date and olive tree plantations. To the west of the oasis lies the Siwa lake, a saltwater lake extending over 7 x

Libya,Sahara desert,a tuareg village in the Ubari lakes area by Exodus Travels - Reset your compass, via Flickr

Sahara Desert Tuareg village in the Ubari lakes area of Libya. Such interestingly-shaped houses, and so small. I wonder how many people live in each one?

Pays Dogon, Mali. Said to resemble Hobbiton.  The Dogon arcitecture is beautiful and very artistic , look where and how they build!

Cliff dwellings on the Bandiagara escarpment in the Sahel region, Dogon country of Mali. There are dozens of villages along the cliff. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has been occupied since the century. by Ferdinand Reus

Mauritania, Oualata.  More African doorway amazingness / color palette inspiration.

Oualata, Mauritania (North Africa) Lovely house Woodif Co Photo - Mauritania, Oualata.