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Burt Glinn  |  Personalities

Burt Glinn: Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Barney Rosset, Washington Square Park, New York City, 1957

There's always one girl at every beatnik party that has to express herself in this way. Well yeah!!!

“The Rebel Set”: Coffeehaus beatniks engaged in a crime caper & a million dollars worth of murder!

Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady

Gay Love Letters through the Centuries: Neal Cassady to Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg, Harlem, New York     1948

For anyone who has ever felt drawn to the Beat Generation, yet has never fully comprehended its history, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters provides a long-awaited context for the lives, …

Mișcarea Hippie și influența sa asupra specificului cultural al societății…

Patsy Raye and the Beatniks — Beatnik’s Wish - 1958 (Source: metronomic-underground) Artist: Patsy Raye and the Beatniks Song: Beatnik& Wish Album: The Beat Generation

Jack Kerouac and ginsberg

We don’t often think of the Beats as family men, and that’s because the most prominent of them weren’t, except William Burroughs for a time (a tragic story or two for another day).

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Rebel Youth: Karlheinz Weinberger Photographed by Karlheinz Weinberger Foreword by John Waters, Edited by Bruce Hackney, Martynka W.