All I want for christmas is Benedict. All I wAnt for Christmas is benediiiiict. so I can wish you merry Christmas(:

This is why gifs exist.<--this why other fandoms think we are insane

I just dreamt that I was the Doctor’s companion, and then while we were fighting daleks at the BBC studios, Benedict Cumberbatch asked if he could come with us to explore the universe. You have to stay here and finish filming season

No one threatens the comfy socks

Benedict Cumberbatch's glow in the dark socks. i swear i love glow in the dark things

#benedictcumberbatch #sherlock #british haha the comment at the bottom... But so honestly true.

benedict cumberbatch sherlock british haha the comment at the bottom. But so honestly true.

A+ parenting. I wish my mom understood my fangirling and would do this to me

Benedict Cumberbatch andThe Adventure of the Neutron Cream

A compilation of interviews re: Neutron Cream; I LOVE THESE GUYS xD lol i love that simon calls him cumbersbumberswumbers thats just awesome

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch @bazax12 XD

high-functioning-introvert: candi-trap: My dash did a thing. a sign from God omg, this is awesome<< ☺️they are so pretty

I love how he can go from so classily serious to this and then back again so quickly! He is so awesome.

candis on

He is like a 5 year old, isn't he? <-- This man is tooooo awesome!

Saw this and basically cried laughing. So funny! But then I wondered honestly what is there to dislike about him

Saw this and basically cried laughing. So funny! But then I wondered honestly what is there to dislike about Benedict Cumberbatch

Aaaahhhh. And the way the OTP s get together is PERFECT AND MAGICAL AND YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. ...JOHNLOCK

normal girls just daydream about getting married and perfect outfits." Aren't ordinary people so adorable?

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seriously there is this friend and when i showed her a imagine of my cinnamon roll ben she said "oh damn is he ugly". No question i ended the friendship.

I sincerely hope that benedict and Sophie have beautiful children with high cheek bones and defined jaw lines and sparkling blue-green eyes, even if I may not.


Funny pictures about Beautiful babies. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful babies. Also, Beautiful babies.