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The Fifth Element Concept Art by Jean-Clause Mezieres [©1997]

The Fifth Element concept art by Jean Moebius Giraud "My rule is always a little ambiguous, because I'm hired as a production.

The Fifth Element: 40 Original Concept Art Gallery - Daily Art, Movie Art

Enjoy a Gallery of 40 Original Concept Art made for classic Sci-Fi movie: The Fifth Element. The gallery is featuring some work of French Artist Jean-Claud

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tohaheavyindustries:  Star of Arabia by abiogenesis

Concept spaceship art by our good friend Alex Ries. Keywords: alex ries illustration and concept art spaceship sci-fi des.

Alejandro Burdisio

Puesto de Chori is part of the Universo Chatarra (Scrap Metal Universe) series. This series is based in vehicles and places long gone, memories from my childhood that both inspire and take me back to those times.


From a Galaxy (Where Credit is) Far, Far Away: The Unsung Work of Jean-Claude Mézières -