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Hamada vs Hamada: An Interview with artist Hiroyuki Hamada by Jeff Hamada

Hiroyuki Hamada / Interview

Hiroyuki Hamada’s work bridges the contrasting conceptions of the industrial…

The Visions series by Canadian artist Guillaume Lachapelle, based in Montreal, who imagines endless sculptures, playing with light and reflections to create this amazing depth. The architecture of his models uses patterns from everyday life, creating endless corridors, car parks, underground or landscapes in which our eyes plunge…

Visions – The amazing endless sculptures of Guillaume Lachapelle

Guillaume Lachapelle’s Mirrored Dioramas Expand Miniature Rooms and Urban Landscapes Into Dark, Infinite Voids

Paper collage 2016. Gunver Ulrike Lønfeldt

Paper collage 2016. Gunver Ulrike Lønfeldt

New work from Anish Kapoor

Lisson gallery in London presents the latest work of Anish Kapoor - marking 30 years of collaboration between Lisson and the renowned artist.