Lana Del Rey #LDR #pop_art #Flipside

Yep the Truth always Hurts Stop ur Crying ur like a Big Blonde Baby .

Existentialist vintage comic strip girl. Quote: Jean Paul Sartre | Tetro Vintage Comic Book Pop Up Art

the energy of the mind is the essence of life — jetmarie: Existentialist vintage comic strip.

Comic Girls Say...." I was afraid this would happen".  #comic #vintage

Marjorie Mann with her short hair cut and " boyish " charms just seemed to prefer the company of the ladies

I walk away as well... no matter how many insults are aimed at me, I won't be reduced to their level by returning them.

Huh after last nite ,you sure about that Connie girl, after That Gang Bang u participated in with 4 men You go girl u keep ur Pride However that doesnt change the fact ur still a Slut okay !