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If I Could Be Half The Person My Dog Is, I'd Be Twice The Human I Am

16 Dog Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart. "If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am.

We're taking a look at a variety of different boxer mixes that bring out the best of the Boxer as well as other top-notch dog breeds - read now!

Funny dogs - We want it

Dog Logic/ no matter what it is.WE WANT IT. Funny picture to copy/paste/share!


A little baby white faced scops owl, has found and unlikely friend and guardian in Kiera the German Pointer. by German Shorts My dog is a 3 year old German Short Hair pointer and he would do baby Animals


Canine tanning bed- If there is a sun spot, weiner dogs will find it. So true mine do the same thing

Beware of silence when you have a puppy! Ha!

Silence is golden unless you have a puppy. Then silence is suspicious. Very very suspicious .

Hey !

corgisandboobs: “ “What’s the password?” “Is it… is it ‘dog’?” *muffled meeting behind door* “You may enter.