Aurora borealis, one of nature's magical forces.

The phenomenal Northern Lights, Photograph: Andy Keen/Aurora Hunters taken in Norway and Lapland

The skies above Alaska certainly made up for the shortage of four-leafed clovers and leprechauns in the arctic on St. Patrick's day, turning all shades of green (along with some purple, red and orange for variety). Here a stand of leafless aspen in the foreground gawk at the show above, which lasted nearly the entire night.

Northern Lights ~ The skies above Alaska turned all shades of green along with some purple, red and orange for variety

Borealis appeal

The auroras can move in fantastic patterns in the sky, here is a short series of a swirling aurora high above.

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Aurora appears to be casting rays of green sunlight through the clouds. Hugo Løhre photographed the auroras over Lekangsund, Norway