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FUCK NO!!!!!  This is NOT acceptable on any level!!

Pig gestation crates - putting the 'factory' in factory farming since 1969

Why are Vegans Such a Pain in the Ass?

Inspiration to help me become vegan. Start associating faces with food. Its not "Meat", its flesh.and the didnt deserve to die {slaughtered}.

(via peta2.com on Facebook) omg!! What?!?! I'll be researching this

How The Egg Industry Hurts Chickens

FACT: In the egg industry male chicks are an unwanted by product. (as they can't lay eggs) So they are ground up alive or tossed into trash bags to suffocate.

My father in law wouldn't appreciate this one very much, but it's definitely cute :)

My dogs are my friends.I don't eat them. so why should we eat other animals? (I'm a vegetarian)

"A única coisa que precisamos dos animais é o perdão."

and look how the ropes are digging into the belly. This creature evidently was just worked to death. I love those donkey sanctuaries

"Don't talk of peace and love when you have a dead animal on your plate". Whether or not Socrates said it, it's a great quote.

Reason 2010 to be vegan. The dairy industry is cruel and unnecessary. Baby calves are stolen from their mothers at birth and slammed into veal crates.

All farm animals are still animals, put it together, just because they are farm animals doesn't mean they don't have feelings!

If people had to kill and process their own meat, I think there would be so many more vegetarian/vegans out there.

Another Reason to be Vegetarian

Another Reason to be Vegetarian

Veganism & the Environment by the Numbers Infographic - REALLY good info-graphic showing the impact of veganism on the environment. It's not just about health and animal rights. also about saving the planet! :) This is why I do it

The calves are killed because their moms were impregnated just to produce the hormones to that produce milk.....cheese comes from milk.........

The calves are killed because their moms were impregnated just to produce the hormones to that produce milk.

Balsamic Steak With Radicchio Recipe : Food Network Kitchen : Food Network - FoodNetwork.com

Balsamic Steak With Radicchio