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The definition of stink eye, hahhaha!

THIS JUST IN: Perturbingly Petite Pup - and trying oh-so-hard at giving you the stink eye!

Pure Country Pet Boutique #chihuahua

Pure Country Pet Boutique #chihuahua

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Image detail for -. QB Mark Sánchez a “Chihuahua,” Boomer Esiason Apologizes on ESPN

Chihuahua Taking a bath. - BusyBird.com

Chihuahua Taking a bath. - BusyBird.com

Love it! I want this cute dog!

in honor of my little Princess Ruby Mommas Precious Baby Girl

this is life

this is life

not a fan of pugs but.. come on...

A pug wearing pug slippers. Lulu would love these slippers in black, of course!

chihuahua, wouldn't mind having this.. Then a German Shepard when mjd gets older.

download free cute chihuahua desktop wallpapers!

brown chihuahua face looks like the one we r getting saturday

Animales adorables

Teacup Chihuahua - 8 Facts About This Dog

"When I am an old lady, I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn't go. . "  This picture made me laugh. :)

Chihuahua - member of the Red Hat Society and obviously proud of it!

Dogs in the water.

wet dogs by estelle

You can never see enough cute puppy photos in your life, so lets indulge. These little sweeties certainly melt our hearts. Everyone say Awww.

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I'm a snow sculpture!

Ai Ya Yai

Chihuahua I Sombrero I cute I pet meme I funny pet picture

Applehead Chihuahua

Cutest chi chi puppy ever!