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'Slutwalk' - Change the world, one attitude at a time (AND F**** SHAME ON ANYONE WHO HAS SUCH A HEINOUS ATTITUDE!!!)

This girls message is so sad, and intolerable. Slut walk- society teaches don't get raped rather than don't rape.


TREES ADOPT SELF-DEFENSE redpeak: “ When German rainforest non-profit Oro Verde needed help spreading their message, who did they turn to to help? Trees of course! Placing signs on trees all over a.

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Funny pictures about A terrible fight between two wolves. Oh, and cool pics about A terrible fight between two wolves. Also, A terrible fight between two wolves.

HIlarious from NickMom! Cleaning with kids vs. cleaning without kids. SO funny because it's true!

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Cartoon of a true definition of a good person. "True definition of a good person, is someone who DOES good things. Just because you are religious does not make you a good person. Your ACTION determines if you are good or bad.

Well, it IS true...(and i can say that, CUZ IMA FEMALE

Funny female dictionary which will make you laugh hard. Funny female dictionary image with funny meaning of Nothing, forget it = You better figure out what you did wrong. Are you tired? = Please don't go to sleep.

Protestor at gay rights demonstration in 1970. Photograph by Diana Davies @historylvrsclub

Protest sign: Gay power, black power, women power, student power, all power to the people.

What a BABE!

Funny pictures about Adele is awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Adele is awesome. Also, Adele is awesome photos.

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I need feminism because I am a person who belongs to herself first before I am a daughter, sister, wife, or mother.

Iggy Pop says cool stuff...

Funny Jennifer Anniston Iggy Pop Dress Like A Man Meme Joke Picture ~ hilarious celebrity memes

"I need feminism. because it should not be 'heroic' or 'rare' for men to advocate for women's rights. It should be EXPECTED and as COMMON as breathing. Men and women can be feminists!

OĞUZ TOPOĞLU : dış görünüş değil miydi her şeyin suçlusu hep o ka...

Funny pictures about Appearances can be deceptive. Oh, and cool pics about Appearances can be deceptive. Also, Appearances can be deceptive photos.

I really kind of despise this. Birth is nothing like breaking a bone. Birth is a normal, physiological process that women were made for. The pain of birth is the woman's body working to bring the baby. Breaking a bone is not normal.

Are you sure you didn't really want him to hit you with that spade?

It appears you have a reputation for enjoying gardening. Are you sure you didn't want him to hit you with that spade?