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Will some people's creative minds never cease (not to mention the talent it takes to do this)? === Miniature steam punk costume by Francesca Vernuccio


Miniature Art is the business website of DANA and her minnidoll group

Ähnliches Foto

Ähnliches Foto

Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures: Shoemaker

For the last thirty years, IGMA Fellow Sylvia Rountree, The Dolls Cobbler, has been a regular at the Good Sam Show. Known for her innovative.

Digitigrades WIP by *Kiotoko-Solo on deviantART

When you can't afford shoes and have to put something together from the half-off bin at Home Depot. Digitigrades WIP by *Kiotoko-Solo.

Tonner Wilde Imagination 16" Doll Clothes for Ellowyne Thea Steampunk Outfit | eBay

Tonner Wilde Imagination 16" doll clothes for Ellowyne, Thea Steampunk Outfit

Hellequin Mask from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood by Jugsyjinx

Hellequin Mask from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Tutorial

Hellequin Mask Tutorial from Assassins Creed Brotherhood- could use reference to make different masks