Amazing Chart on the Powers of the Archangels

an Archangels chart, including names and days of angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Uriel - archangel

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An Art Deco scarab brooch. The silver gilt scarab with enamel and plique-à-jour decoration.

The Oghma Infinium, something I just "earned" in Skyrim.  Isn't the design just really freaking awesome?  I love it.

The Oghma Infinium, Skyrim. - This is going into my tattoo - I was playing Skyrim and found the book this is in - I love it

Fonds d'écran Full Metal Alchemist Cercle de transmutation Humaine par sairou -

Full Metal Alchemist Human Transmutation Circle this would be so coool on an anime/comic book sleeve! --- I swear the proper human transmutation circle had seven points on the inside polygon?

FFX Shiva Seal

With the aid of hechicero's versions of these seals and with a wonderful reference image: I was able to create my updated and far more accurate versions of the Aeon Seals from Final Fantasy X.

エンブレム(紋章) - BLAZBLUE ストーリースレ@wiki - アットウィキ

エンブレム(紋章) - BLAZBLUE ストーリースレ@wiki - アットウィキ