The Assassin "His face was bathed in shadow. There were no visible features underneath the hood, but Owen felt that within the black nothingness that obscured his face, two eyes were staring at him."

Symbaroum RPG: "If the spiritual corruption runs too deep it will affect not only the mind but also the body. It can happen to anyone anywhere, also in cities like Yndaros and Ravenia.

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Дарина Шаповалова

Character inspiration- Gorgeous Thief Cosplay by Lyz Brickley Cosplay Photography By Darshelle Stevens Assistants: Zim Killgore and Sean Brickley-

Apranik Persian Sassanian Warrior Woman Commander before a Desert Battle during the Arab Campaigns. Same as Artemisia, Apranik often fought with two swords.

Character Sketches by Josh Corpuz

Character Sketches by Josh Corpuz Elena the Scarred. Born of Moda Ruh people, natural propensity to magic. Village raided, husband slain, her and child enslaved. As per Moda Ruh traditions, she has a full-body tattoo of magical tunes.

MagnaLeon, MagnaLeon ML.e on ArtStation at

MagnaLeon by MagnaLeon elf fighter knight prince warrior armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Resultado de imagem para Human Cleric Male D&D

m Wizard magic book cloak casting lwlvl Artist: Park Jinwan aka - 140203 S by on DeviantArt…