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Febrero 21: “Energía del Adviento y la magia del Hada Encantada nos ofrece la posibilidad de contactar y activar los dones naturales que traemos desde el nacimiento. El Hada Encantada aparece aportando la sintonía y luz necesarias para activar los centros energéticos del corazón y del tercer ojo. Nos centra y conecta con la fuente. La clave es revisar que es lo que nos perturba y liberarlo. Hoy tenemos la varita mágica para eliminar los pensamientos negativos que no nos dejan avanzar”.

Serenity - Fantasy Art, Relaxing Music, Short Story: There once was a boy who wanted to meet God.

“On and on the rain will fall like tears from a star, like tears from a star. On and on the rain will say ‘How fragile we are. How fragile we are.” Sting  The child you once were still lives within the shadows of your soul. It is she who remembers best the pain of broken promises and shattered innocence endured by the little girl you once were, and who is still, you   You are all she has, and she has hoped for you to remember her since you left her behind so many years ago.

♥♥♥ "To be an angel, one need not have wings. In giving love there is an equal grace. Nor need one seek the aura in the face, As love unveils the beauty of all things.


Nature's Fairy Nymphs magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - "Fairy of the Forest" by kismet-angel.

*Exquisite Fae girl by Moon Zapiae

Stock credits : No title - Stock Elven Forest backgrounds Daisy Bouquet PNG Wings Butterfly Glitter PSD Fantasy Flower V 06 *. I'm Different

My son loves this picture because she is holding a kitten....he has an amazing connection with Angels and Animals!

Photo of Little Angel with Kitten for fans of Angels. A beautiful angel with a kitten by Sandra Kuck.

Chorus by Nene Thomas

Chorus ~ Nene Thomas -There's an old folktale about a girl named Snowflake, who was born from the snow when a man and woman, advanced in age, prayed for a child. It's really a very sweet story, but a little sad.