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We did it guys.

I am soo happy that we are getting a season ---We didn't save it, we brought it back from the dead. This fandom should be called the Lazarus Pit.

YJ - Long Time No See by Gimpyslair on DeviantArt

MM strikes again! Megan, Nightwing, Kaldur - Greg's Young Justice Edit: Now that I look at it, it would have been funnier if I put only the last panel. Edit 2 *Before the Dawn spoilers*: Turns out .

What just happened.

Well, luckily they are coming together for Avengers: Infinity War coming out in If you don't believe me look it up💎

zatanna and artemis | Zatanna, M'gann, and Artemis: braiding each others' ... | Young Justi ...

littleinkling: “ marinadiane: Artemis, Zatanna, and M’gann doing something girly at a sleepover. :) One of the girliest things I could think to do at a sleepover was braid hair!

That's right Desmond....he hacked the motion sensors <<< FUCK YEAH! GO DICK!

That's right Desmond.he hacked the motion sensors ha this is probably the best quote ever! From young justice