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John Green: What To Do With Your Life (vlogbrothers). <3 This guy.

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John Green Love But seriously, if you ever watch his vlog channel, he is hilarious! Great author, too! My favorite john green quote

John Green XD Who the eff is Hank? Hank is a pile of clothes<--- hank is John's bro

Shai & Ansel being interviewed by Polandbananasbooks. She's awesome. Only awesome people would know who she is!

Sheo or Shansel? I say Shansel cuz Theo James is mine! Wait, i love Ansel tooo. So conflicted.<<< last time I check ansel had a gf so Sheo I guess

Words of wisdom from John Green  Giant squid of anger. I'm going to use that one. It is an excellent exclamation of anger. or excitement. or anything. Giant squid of.... anything.

my daughter will have lots of annoying discussions with her daddy whenever boys become a thing for her. "The venn diagram of the boys who don't like smart girls and the boys you don't want to date is a circle" ~John Green

This is so true!

Funny pictures about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Oh, and cool pics about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Also, Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green?

In case you don't know, fishingboatproceeds is John Green's Tumblr. :)

I'm dying. Its funny cause john green is the second comment>> omg i didn't notice that that was John Green in Mega Mind!

John Green

John Green, the man who wrote the award winning book "The Fault In our Stars"

He saw the chance, and he took it

I have a feeling he waited his entire life to tell this joke. {John Green and Nat Wolff}

That is so John Green. // MY AUTHORS. IN MEGAMIND. // *must rewatch for the tenth time*

That is so John Green. *must rewatch for the tenth time* And what's funny is that I stared at him for about 15 minutes thinking "Is that John Green?

Literally one of my fav lines in the book and Isaac in this scene is me when I'm third wheeling lol!

I love Isaac for this exact reason<<I don't like this movie but I love sass