Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over!

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over! <-- lol, i would definitely watch more of that. i love how bruce encourages the humor, because i really think that's how he would be<--Conroy always NAILS Batman

Some one needs to make that movie <<< Agree! #FanX is coming April 17-19, 2014! >>> #batman

Well aren’t they cute…

Tom Hardy as Bane and Christian Bale as Batman hug it out - The Dark Knight Rises

More like antihero but whatever

The way Jason is positioned makes it look like he's got devil horns sprouting out of his head

bat family

Under the Cowl - Batwoman (Kate Kane) Black bat (Cassandra Cain) Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) Batgirl/Oracle (Barbara Gordon) Batman (Bruce Wayne) Nightwing (Dick Grayson) Robin (Damien Wayne) Red Robin (Tim Drake) and Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Superhero Facts: Part 1

Superhero Facts: Part 1



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Superhero facts

Why do the watermarks on these say "all things marvel" half this Shit is DC bruh get your shit together would you

I want this batman. I want to batman who is willing to do what must be done. I want the batman who cares about Jason, on a much more personal level.