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Runs in the family by markmak I love that the doctor says "WTF?" Like he never seen something that weird. XD I love your noodle arms Dip u have a gift!

Out of context by markmak on DeviantArt

That awkward moment when your brother proposes to your nephew XD (I honestly very much ship this.) Out of context by markmak on DeviantArt

My Puppet | Gravity Falls | Know Your Meme

Parallels between two pairs of Pines twins... possible foreshadowing?

Not sure if serious by on @DeviantArt

Not sure if serious by markmak on DeviantArt <<< Lol! Imagine if Ford got the power of being Princess Unattainable XD<<<😂😂😂

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“ Collab with myrobotlandlord! Cool animation and line art by myrobotlandlord. The colors / background / effects by me.