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An enthusiast art, tangles in gneiss motif and static form are timeless treasures designed in mixed form.

立夏之竹工(下篇)| 大多的竹编工艺只能手工编织完成,竹编的方法多种多样,基本可分为四边编法、六边编法、八边编法、弧形编法、网状编法、绳结编法等等,甚者有编织出文字、立体编织、混色编织法,若几种编法交织使用,更可用“吾编无尽”来形容。http://t.cn/zORNoVa

Some patterns on neolithic pottery have originated from clay lined baskets, they have served the function of moulds. There are regional styles of basketry globally.

2010 | Transformation | Design by Stuart Fingerhut | Source

All 5 Tiles In the spirit of Erwin Hauer, this is a set of tiles that showcase an infinite continuous surface system. You can assemble to tile into different arrays of visibility. Have fun!

black and white

This caught my eye when looking at molecule design. I like the black on white and feel it gives it great drama and its so…