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FINN – Tiffany lampe

FINN – Tiffany lampe

Flame Princess: Finn, even if we like each other, we're going to hurt each other.       Finn: No, we don't have to. I can take it... I... I mean, can't we try?       Flame Princess: You would defy nature for me?       Finn: Uh... yeah, whatevs.       [Finn and Flame Princess hug, Finn tries to bear the pain but pulls away.]       Finn: Aaah.. Uh.       Flame Princess: Bye, Finn. [Departs]

I thought this was like one of the greatest moments of Adventure Time. If only they were still dating.

I can totally imagine their force connection starting at this moment, and Kylo getting upset bc he has no friends

clefchan: “All the power in the galaxy, yet so alone" a multi-panel Reylo fan comic

esos chinos me vuelven loca  cada vez que te veo no puedo pensar en otra cosa mas que en ti  esos ojos lo dicen todo de ti TE AMOOO!!!!

Outtake of one of my favourite little nuggets, Shot for f/w issue- dropping soon.

There’s gonna be a crazy love triangle in 9 and I still don’t know where Poe fits in

There’s gonna be a crazy love dodechaedron soon. Poe and Rose like Finn, Finn likes Poe and Rey, Rey likes Rose, Kylo likes Rey, Hux likes Kylo.

DIY: Adventure Time Finn Backpack Tutorial. Of course I find this right after Halloween. No SuPrIsE there D:

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Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard wtf

*millie dancing in my own world* *finn walks up to Millie* *finn very confused* *millie still lost in her own world* "Millie stop" "No!

Kylo is a baby. No, not a cute one. An enraging one. Finn is adorable.

Finn is the one who came from an evil environment and then left // don't try to sell me that emo man-baby as someone rising from being bad to being good when it is literally Finn who did that.