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such a friendly, inviting face...

"In its flawless grace and superior self-sufficiency I have seen a symbol of the perfect beauty and bland impersonality of the universe itself.

hermoso gatito

Flamefur is an orange tom with green eyes. He is a RiverClan warrior. He can be suspicious about things that are going on between warriors. He was formerly of ThunderClan, but nobody knew that.

Coy, Tom, No mate or kits, very handsome, flirty, doesn't like Blacky, wants to get rid of her, otherwise he is nice and friendly, but sometimes grumpy, 20 moons old. Me.

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Coy Kitty ~ beautiful markings, beautiful cat - looks like my Lady only will NOT wear a collar!

About Tortoiseshell Cats' History and Markings

The History and Markings of the Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell cats, with their colorful woven coats, provide a veritable feast of colors. With the resemblance to the fallen leaves of autumn, we have traditionally celebrated 'torties'.

Beauty #catsandkittenstips

Beauty #catsandkittenstips