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Dolphins swim 50 to 100 miles a day. Love is not buying a ticket to Swim with dolphins, in captivity attractions we swim free and dolphins are confined for life.


H2O - A few dozen healthy reasons to love water!

I remember as a kid developing a love for Dolphins.  Something about them just fascinates me and makes me feel calm and at peace when I watch them swim around.  They are the smartest animals on the planet in my opinion.  Anytime I come across a documentary on Animal Planet or Discovery I have to immediately watch it.  A dream of mine is to someday swim with them on a Carribean Vacation.

Bottlenose Dolphins, Caribbean Sea Near Roatan, Honduras

Bottlenose Dolphins, Caribbean Sea Near Roatan, Honduras - very cheesy - obviously an advert for tourism - dolphins are pretty useful images in that respect - so is a sunset

Fantastic p mhoto

awesome Dolphin jumping out of ocean sea water in golden sunset.

Incredible dolphin image!   #dolphin

dolphin at sunset. Wish I had seen them at sunrise while heading out into the ocean for deep sea fishing. I've always seen them before sunrise.