Rapunzel by Adrienne McNellis: this is really cool for a photography idea

Hi I'm Rapunzel! I have magical glowing hair when I sing a song it starts to glow and it could heal you! My mother doesn't let me out of my tower at all she thinks I can't handle the real world she's wrong! Is there a prince brave enough to rescue me?

This was made into a giant sculpture located in downtown Sarasota, FL.

Sailor and Nurse, Time Square! One of my favorite famous pictures!

Photograph Russian style by Margarita Kareva on 500px

photographer Маргарита Карева [margarita kareva] creates unique atmospheric worlds of Russian folklore and captures these moments by her camera. Look at this pic - you can't take your eyes off it, right?

Photos and gown by Lauren D. Rogers | Hair/makeup/model: Jessica Morris

A unique Snow White cosplay! - 10 Snow White Cosplays Salt Lake Comic Con anyone? Yeah this will be one of my cosplays

10606296_745845805478668_8447382835093407687_n.jpg (692×960)

Romantic Kaos by Amanda Diaz- Red riding hood- Besides the overt warning about talking to strangers, there are many interpretations of the classic fairy tale, many of them sexual.