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Camp Kitchen storage: site has been deleted, but this gives the basic idea. I could add fabric to the framework of a folding shelf for enclosed storage.

storage tent and dining fly.  Nice for camp kitchen and/or outside gathering

storage tent and dining fly. Nice for camp kitchen and/or outside gathering

Lower Shelf

Lower Shelf

This shows the lower shelf that we have for two of the three tables. The dining table does not have one. The shelf is not attached; it has a pair of rails that fit inside the stretchers to hold it in place.


A very useful combination packing box and camp table can be made from a large box. Build this campers table box.

Round pavilion instructions I want this in linen...but I (a) can't afford that and (b) am too lazy

Round pavilion instructions I would love one of these.unless some one wants to donate a period tent to me :P

Embarking on a Period Medieval Encampment.  A good read with some nice photos.  http://home.earthlink.net/~cantaire/period-camping.html

Embarking on a Period Medieval Encampment - a brilliant and comprehensive article on most if not all considerations for a period encampment, with TONS of awesome pictures and lots of links.

Break down "panel" chests (pictures and link to Master Robyyan's pair of break down boxes from plywood and 1x4s)

Break down "panel" chests. Should be good for reducing weight by using thinner wood for the panels.

folding stool - x-frame design — a pin acting as a hinge between two crossed slats with animal skin or fabric stretched across the top for a seat

Roughly years ago, folding chairs remarkably similar to ones found in Egypt suddenly became must-have items in parts of northern Europe. Scholars are now looking into this potential case of ancient industrial espionage.

folding bench

Furniture - Medieval Market, A bench type 1 Maybe this could be expanded to…

Medieval Camp 13 by ~ValerianaSTOCK on deviantART

Medieval Camp (the cyclist in the background is cracking me up!