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Tupac and Yo-Yo                                                                                                                                                      More

Tupac and rapper Yo-Yo,aka Yolanda Whitaker.She worked with Ice Cube a lot in the early was in the movie, Boyz in the Hood.She also did a show on Rap Supreme. Also I want Pac's crown ring

Tupac and Donatella

Tupac & DonatellaVersace in Vegas, 1995 .

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One of the spiritual leaders of issue Pac was the best to ever do it. Nearly two decades after his death, his revolutionary message is more relevant now than ever.

2Pac and Jada Pinkett ❤❤

Jada Pinkett Smith they had a soulmate relationship that i really thought was so beautiful always said that he would give jada his heart, bone marrow, kidney, lung or whatever if she needed it.


The founders of ganster rap. This was when rap was is its prime.

Snoop, Pac and MC Hammer.

In the early the late rapper Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Mc Hammer and Suge Knight vacationed in San Pedro.