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Which Undertale Character Would You Be? I got Goat Mom (A.K.A Toriel)!

Which Undertale Character Would You Be?

Which Undertale Character Would You Be? I got Toriel the Goat Mom XD

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#wattpad #fanfiction There is only one thing to say. San X Frisk. Well actually no there's more. In this fanfic every monster has a "DanceTale" background. This means that every monster still has there dance that they did, the story is just not based on dancing. Frisk only just likes to dance. It makes her feel happy a...

Staggering Beauty(Sans X Frisk) - Chapter 5: True Feelings

Read Chapter True Feelings from the story Staggering Beauty(Sans X Frisk) by with reads.

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Kiss Marry or Kill (Undertale): Kisser! You love to give most characters a little kiss to remind them that someone loves them.

I really ship it, and thought it was funny xD [Undertale] Kiss by wolfifi on DeviantArt