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TLD - Lossarnach sketches by Merlkir.deviantart.com on @deviantART

School started and that means I'll be doodling like this a lot. Just some armor ideas for a Lossarnach cavalry troop type.

Celegorm study and poses by TurnerMohan on DeviantArt

Up top we've got a few quick thumbnails for beren and luthien, but I was mainly focused. Celegorm study and poses

Easterling Tribes from Khand by ~Merlkir on deviantART

The idea is that Khand is not inhabited only by Variags, but by other tribes of Easterlings as well. Easterling Tribes from Khand

TLD - Light Rohan Helmets by Merlkir

TLD - Light Rohan Helmets by Merlkir on DeviantArt

TLD Intro: Gondor by ~Merlkir on deviantART

TLD Intro: Gondor by Merlkir on DeviantArt

Heavy cavalry of Rhun by Merlkir on DeviantArt

Another TLD concept Rhun and Khand will get more attention and space in the next version Heavy cavalry of Rhun

Dwarf War Masks by TurnerMohan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Last of all the eastern force to stand firm were the Dwarves of Belegost, and thus they won renown. For the Naugrim withstood fire more hardily than ei.

NUMENOREANSlr by AbePapakhian on DeviantArt

"This is my idea of a height comparison of Numenoreans and eriadoreans and hill clans. I had in my mind Elendil as the tallest at and hill clan chieftan as the shortest at - by AbePapakhian on Deviantart

Heavy archaic infantry by ~Merlkir on deviantART

I had some ideas about our new Haradrim line. These guys are more along the lines describing Haradrim in the books: "gold braided hair, red painted face.