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TLD - mostly Harad items by ~Merlkir on deviantART

Eagle Guard helmet Eagle Guard bow (composite of layered bits of horn and a strip of hard wood) Ancient helm of a Swan knight from Dol Amroth TLD - mostly Harad items

Numenorean Royal Guard by ~Merlkir on deviantART

m Fighter Royal Guard med Armour Shield Helm Lance Short sword Numenorean Royal Guard by ~Merlkir on deviantART

Rivendell archer sketch by Merlkir on DeviantArt

Something very quick i drew today. It's not much different to the knight so it's a bit redundant.

Northerners by ~Merlkir on deviantART

sketches for the northmen in our TLD north expansion.(new sketchbook ) Northerners

Corsair Helmets by ~Merlkir on deviantART

From the new sketchbook, some corsair headgear. All kinds of sea life inspiration, some ancientish looking designs too.

Celegorm study and poses by TurnerMohan on DeviantArt

Up top we've got a few quick thumbnails for beren and luthien, but I was mainly focused. Celegorm study and poses

Wulfling by Merlkir on DeviantArt

It depicts one of Wulf's descendants - Dunnish warlord Wulfling