The 6th of January!

My mom today: "Let's go find him and give him a kiss! I mean- hug." Me: "Hells no I want a kiss. We Looove you.


SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ January Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) dressed in Victorian costume on set during filming of the SHERLOCK Special.* *fangirling* :D

Notice that little smile on Sherlock’s face… This is the look of true love on the last gif

A study in Sherlock

A Study in Sherlock: London by the Book

Benedict Cumberbatch’s coat and dressing gown to feature in Sherlock Holmes exhibition

Benedict on Sherlock's character.

Benedict on Sherlock's character. 7 years between them? at Mycroft would have been the Fonz to Sherlock's 5 years old - everything he wants to be when he grows up -- and we all know that patience isn't really his area.