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but does it float

"To argue about it only causes us to fall into the pit of Because, and there to perish with the dogs of Reason" - Paintings by Wout Werensteijn

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Henry Wolf (assistant of Richard Avedon. This photo was taken during a session for a fashion editorial, called “Paris Pursuit”, specially for the American fashion magazine: Harper’s Bazaar, edition of September 1959) in Paris (France), in August 1959.

Audrey Hepburn photographed with husband Mel Ferrer and photographer Richard Avedon in Paris, France during a fashion editorial called “Paris Pursuit” for Harper’s Bazaar’s September 1959 issue. Photographs by Henry Wolf, August

Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time - but does it float  Jupiter?!?

Paul Juno - Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time (via but does it float)

Januz Miralles.

“ The Photo Manipulations & Painted Textures of Januz Miralles There is little disclosure on the background and creative technique of Philippines-based artist and photographer, Januz.

10 of the most stunning shots of earth's landscape captured from space, by Google Earth... // [ Click here to view: http://theendearingdesigner.com/google-earth-aerial-landscapes/ ]

10 Of The Most Beautiful Aerial Earth Landscape Shots...

The Syrian Desert November 2000 Landsat 7 Description: Between the fertile Euphrates River valley and the cultivated lands of the eastern Mediterranean coast, the Syrian Desert covers parts of modern Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

WLPPR. Breathtaking images from above.

Breathtaking images of the Universe we are all a part of.