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How long did the person stand here before an angel lifted him/her up?

there are many places on earth that we do not know of because they were quietly abandoned and just as quietly covered over by Mother Nature's vines and mosses and grasses .

"jonas" is a lacy green snail .

verde---➽viridi➽πράσινος➽green ➽verde➽grün➽綠➽أخضر ➽зеленый

green green green :) inspiring color

A forest of moss covered trees in Golden Ears Provincial Park, about a 45 minute drive east of Vancouver

Liked on Pinterest: Not technically a flower but how cool is this lichen! (10 points for anyone who can tell me what it is!)

Not technically a flower, but how cool is this lichen!) Liquen-microorganismos (algas y hongos)

Green and Blue Proxy Falls in Oregon, all its green and mossy splendor

Proxy Falls in Oregon, all its green and mossy splendor. More and more I feel Oregon is a place I need to explore!

Moss and Fungi by *sweir17 on deviantART

GORGEOUS moss and lichens! Such a rich image full of life. Moss and Fungi by…