Into the Line by Jonathan Calugi

The work of Italian illustrator Jonathan Calugi is minimal both in terms of lines and of colors, this is also what gives it its strength and relevance. Some of his beautiful new illustrations to discover later in the article.

Eleni Kalorkoti

i-love-art: Eleni Kalorkoti Illustration for Bitch magazine’s issue, accompanying Meisha Rosenberg’s article ‘Making Waves: The Slow Crawl Toward Making Swimming More Inclusive'

9e05a779a3337524275779d1fb981a92.jpg (550×777)

Close Noir Black and White Minimalist Abstract Art Painting Face People Relationships Love. So beautiful with only a simple line against a black background. This is close to my style of work with only a few lines to form the human figure.

Of all Doctors in the World, Poetry is the best. #poetrymedicine

Minimalist erotic black and white ink illustration for bedroom gallery wall sets by Siret Roots.