How To Improve Your Golf Chipping Skills - YouTube

Looking for an advice video on How To Improve Your Golf Chipping Skills ? This invaluable short video explains exactly how it's done, and will help you get g.

Stop slicing the ball by mastering the fundamentals and focusing on these three main slice avoidance techniques.

Correcting your slice is all about going back to your golf swing fundamentals. Try these three simple fixes to get rid of that nasty slice.

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How to get backspin on the ball | I Love Golf Daily - Part 2

Golf: How to get backspin - Our golf expert Rickard Strongert shows how to reach the tricky pin positions with a crafty backspin shot

Chip Like You Putt - this is what my dad has been trying to teach me

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Back to basics

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muscles at work during golf swing

Instant Golf Confident Tips You Wish You Knew Before

The Golf Swing MUSCLES AT WORK Instructional Wall Chart Poster. As you proceed through the illustrations and text, you will be reminded with every glance of what it will take to make your swing just a little bit better, until you reach consistency .

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