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DIY: Body Butter.  this stuff is AWESOME.  i will never go back to store bought.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Make Your Own Moisturizing Body Butter

Salud - Estetica /  FRUTAS DE LA BELLEZA,  LUCE UNA PIEL TERSA Y LUMINOSA.   L AGUACATE es un fruto rico en grasas insaturadas, vitamina D, E y minerales como el potasio y el cobre. El aguacate es una fruta imprescindible para utilizar en forma de mascarilla cuando se tiene una piel seca o envejecida. Sus grasas insaturadas y su riqueza de vitaminas nos ayudarán a mantener la piel hidratada y a ralentizar el proceso de oxidación, colaborando en la juventud de una piel tersa y luminosa…

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De-Puff Tired Eyes!Green tea is my favorite ingredient! Buy the iced tea version and mix a batch to keep in the fridge. Soak a couple of cotton rounds in the tea and lay them on your eyes. The caffeine helps to shrink the appearance of the blood vessels, and the antioxidants help eliminate inflammation

Have A Spa Day…At Home! 10 DIY Beauty Treatments!

Natural beauty tips! How to Soothe Tired Eyes by glitterandbow: The natural tannin in teabags may act as an astringent to reduce the fluid trapped in tissue under the eyes and decrease the dark circles.

Homemade skin care

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Homemade Skin Care: Lime Honey Facial Scrub/Cleanser Tightening Green Tea and Grapefruit Toner Moisturizing Apple Pear Mint Cleanser Calming Cucumber Coconut Milk Toner Masks

DIY Homemade Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub with free printable labels for gift giving

Last Minute Handmade Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers - DIY Gifts You Can Craft in a Short Amount of Time with Grocery Store Trip

DIY recipe for rosemary mint homemade sugar scrub and printable gift tag labels. Homemade sugar scrubs packaged in a cute jar are a great idea for homemade gifts this Christmas season. Add this to your DIY gift ideas.

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Egg Yolk & Lemon Juice Anti-Redness Facial

SPA DAY - Mom's Day : At Home Spa Treatment . Very simple Idea to make yourself relaxing bath, skin moisturizer, facial scrub, etc.

Lotion Bars, even though I didn't know it was a thing.

DIY Lotion Bars for Natural Skin Care (+ Variations)

I love lotion bars from Lush, going to try this. How to Make Homemade Lotion Bars: Equal parts of: shea butter or cocoa butter beeswax coconut oil (or any vegetable oil, such as avocado, almond, etc.

Homemade mouthwash is so easy to make and tastes much better than store-bought. Plus, it's cheap and works great! Click and try this simple recipe today!

Homemade Mouthwash that Works

Homemade mouthwash is so easy to make and tastes much better than store-bought. Click and try this simple recipe today!

How to Treat Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Naturally

How to Treat Dark Circles With Tea Bags

I so need this, for under eye circles. How to get rid of under eye circles naturally. Relax and rid yourself of dark under-eye circles with cool teabags. Soak the bags in cold water and than place on eyes for 10 minutes.