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You, yes you!! <3

This is hilarious! I don't have a shit list but I love this pic. shit list at the top.

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Why are we so unpopular? Because we hate everyone.yup, pretty much sums it up.

That's right!!

Freak Show Friday #8

I gotta remember this quote for next time someone's a smartass to me.

Actually i wish you would!

Don't Make Me Open This Can of Whoop-Ass t-shirts and gifts. This funny vintage design makes a unique gift for a woman who's run out of patience. Check out all our humorous can of whoop-ass t-shirts.


Sometimes I drink water just to surprise my liver - vintage retro funny quote - this is going on a wine glass haha

Diabetes Awareness

And still lose weight. If you can't go the rest of your life without eating carbs then don't try it to lose weight. The second you put carbs the back into your diet the weight will come right back. It's not what you eat it's how much you eat.

Have a nice day...

Bahaha everyday at work! Change to read 'I have to remember that the .

Guess what it's you lol

We all get down sometimes, but some people accidentally convert that negative pattern into their personality.

You think I’m ocd? Well I think you’re a slacker

You think I’m ocd? Well I think you’re a slacker

Going To Flip Out

"Don't make me flip my bitch switch." - Wednesday Addams The Addams Family movie movies meme

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could so use this for some people in my life! Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?