Happy birthday Joaquin Phoenix (born as Joaquin Rafael Bottom - October 1974 - San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Joaquin Phoenix photographed by Michael Muller.

'In private, I live a quiet life. My extreme sport is acting': He faked a breakdown on live TV and now Joaquin Phoenix is tackling Scientology is his controversial new film

quitecontinental:  Joaquin Phoenix for Vogue Italia april 2001

joaquin phoenix for vogue italia april 2001 "i had a catholic girlfriend but she wouldn’t, uh, share loving"

Did the Oscars retaliate against Joaquin Phoenix? Poor Joaquin I would retaliate against him!

Seth MacFarlane was the pawn

I really think he is an actor deserving of an OSCAR, Especially for his role of musician Johnny Cash in the 2005 biographical film Walk the Line.