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Create a Rainbow: Mixing Colors in Cold Process

Create a Rainbow: Mixing Colors in Cold Process Soap

The Quest for the Perfect Red in Cold Process Soap. Finding the "perfect red" shade in cold process soap can be tricky. This post includes over 15 color combinations and swatches to help you create a vibrant red for your holiday projects.

The "Perfect Red" in Cold Process Soap

successful color combos

color combos for coordinating clothes for family pictures - good to know for all those jackasses who take family photos wearing the same shirt.

This soapmaking oil chart will help you better formulate and learn oil properties and percentages when creating your own soap recipes.

Soapmaking Oil Chart

Natural Soap Colorants Gallery - Spice and Herbal Powders at Trace - Lovin Soap Studio

Learn to Mix Colorants for Cold Process Soap Making

Prepare Your Colorants for Cold Process Soap Making

When coming up with a soapy project, my inspiration usually starts with a fragrance oil or color palette. I love pairing various colors together to create different moods and themes with my soap. In general, I tend to gravitate towards really bright and vibrant color palettes, but it’s also fun to play with more subdued and …

Color Palette Tips + Color Resources