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Norwegian grass roof tops LOVE this... all it's missing is a goat or two... or would it be a sheep. I think sheep eat the root but goats don't. I wonder if all sheep do?

Norwegian Grass Roofs by Jessica Rose - Norwegian Grass Roofs Photograph - Norwegian Grass Roofs Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Quoted from: The Grass Roofs of Norwa

Beautiful Norwegian Foliage-Covered Green Roofs Norwegian Grass roof homes – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Traditional Warmth. A Norwegian lakeside cabin uses soil and grass on its' roof as insulation - a tradional method of keeping homes warm in Norway. Photo: John & Tina Reid

A Norwegian lakeside cabin uses soil and grass on its' roof as insulation - a tradional method of keeping homes warm in Norway John & Tina Reid

For hundreds of years houses in Norway have been covered with turf. And they come in different varieties. Some are bright green and almost velvety. Others are golden and look like they’re growing wheat or oats. A number of turf roofs have flowers mixed in with the grass, and a few have small trees.  The advantages of turf roofs (also called sod roofs) are many. They are very heavy, so they help to stabilize the house; they provide good insulation; and they are long-lasting.

green-roof-norway traditional and good insulation with waterproof under layer (traditional was birch bark) - still some current construction with these roofs!

Cobertura vegetal de una casa absorbe agua de lluvia y regula la temperatura interior

Green Roofs Not only does the roof process but it can grow food and drastically reduce cooling and heating costs. This isn’t a new concept but still an attractive concept. green-roof-in-bloom

‬‏Icelandic Turf Houses <3

The Icelandic turf houses were the product of a difficult climate, offering superior insulation compared to buildings solely made of wood or stone, and the relative difficulty in obtaining other construction materials in sufficient quantities.

What is a green roof? “Green” is a term that is often used to describe an object or process that is beneficial to the natural environment of a space, ...

Église au toit vert - Sod Roof Church at Hof, Iceland by Ira Goldstein, wikipedia

Looks like my sauna, love the grass on the roof

Small Sauna house With Grass roof Belonging To A Traditional Farm. Lake Rauvatnet Fjell Near Mo I Rana Nordland Lapland Norway Scandinavia Europe.

Looks so peaceful here. Cool grass roof.En Socyr somos especialistas en Impermeabilizacion con epdm resitrix totalmente adherido para Cubiertas ajardinadas.Colaboramos con la empresa especialista en cubiertas ajardinadas llamada ZINCO . Jorge del préstamo es el técnico en España .Green roofs insulate like a blanket, saving energy; they provide natural habitats for birds, butterflies, honeybees, lady bugs, and migrating birds. On this roof, soil depth ranges from four to eight inches. Más…

Green Design-grass roof on Swiss chalet. (model kids play house after this?

Abandoned home, Norway style

Abandoned home, Norway style

Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their houses for hundreds of years. Some have flowers mixed in with grass, and a few even have by Hercio Dias