Yarrow Achillea millefolium Colorado Mixture

Achillea millefolium Colorado Mixture

Mandragora's Garden:  Perennial #Yarrow comes in several different colors, not just the familiar yellow.

Yarrow Summer Pastels - Achillea millefolium - pastel-colored flowers in a wide variey of shades

YARROW is a perennial ... Happy to thrive in infertile, untended garden spots. It blooms in just 4 months from seed, and if you cut the blooms promptly, it will probably rebloom before it's done for the season. The usual bloom season is June through September, though it may vary a bit depending on your climate. Just about the only thing you can do wrong is give this sun-lover any shade or too much fertilizer -- it flowers best in poor soils!

Summer Berries Yarrow Seeds

The most beautiful and long-lasting Yarrow yet, Summer Berries is a cheery blend of magnificent colors on super-easy plants that thrive in any sunny spot -- especially poor, dry soils that most perennials hate! Order from Park Seed today!

Yarrow is a group of Rocky Mountain native perennials that are available in many colors, ranging from yellow, to white, to red.  The plants are very drought tolerant, requiring almost no watering once established.  Fern-like, finely dissected leaves form clumps at the base of the plant, often naturalizing and spreading.  Flowers are produced on stiff, tall stalks throughout the summer.

kami menjual COLORADO MIX Yarrow Seeds 1 paket harga 10 rb isi 15 seeds thanks Huge flower heads in shades of red, pink, apricot, yellow, beige and white. Minat sms/wa 085777119992 Pin bb id silky Line id silkynazma

Yarrow  - Achillea millefolium  - ‘Pomegranate’

Likes heat Yarrow ‘Pomegranate’ Achillea millefolium - Flower clusters are a deep magenta and extremely long lasting without fading.

Paprika Yarrow (hardy to -40º, drought and poor soil tolerant, deer resistant, attracts bees and butterflies)

Paprika Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium "Paprika" Where it will grow: Hardy to degrees Fahrenheit (USDA zones 3 to find your zone) Water requirement: Low Light requirement: Full sun M.

Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Saucy Seduction 2012 intro.. Bright purple for yarrow, impressed A native Colorado plant

For the bees - Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Saucy Seduction 2012 intro. Bright purple for yarrow, impressed A native Colorado plant