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totem poles - could you toilet paper tubes or wrapping paper tubes...ask for donations after Christmas

(Totem made of cans) russell public art/sculpture inspiration. Could have the group make a group totem with 1 can painted by each student; or support network/family/important relationships totem*~bcp

Art - Toilet Paper Rolls, Watercolour

Toilet Paper Roll Faces: The Creepiest (and arguably most CREATIVE!) use of a cardboard toilet paper roll ever!

Oooh...all those big cans the kitchen keeps offering me...sally russell, artist--Would be a fun group proect.

Sally Russel Art Studio - Black and White Totem Medley

fun! fabric wrapped tree limbs.... by malaysia

August I love these fabric wrapped branches. They are used as Christmas tree, but I think they would make a lovely teepee or play tent.

tightly rolled-up magazine pages glued onto canvas = very cool image pattern making by lindsey

Wall Art tightly rolled magazine tubes to form patterns. Good idea to get rid of my box full of magazines.