Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2130

Daily Inspiration #2130

“ Never forget, never regret. New arrivals from Japan, today I found new package with Kuretake Metallic Brush pens on my desk, beautiful suprise, I expected this to be shipped at the end.

We all have role models, people we look up to, whatever we do. Picture yourself one day, when you find yourself in a position where suddenly, those people who once were just your idols, have become your biggest rivals. There is only one way to get to that stage... hard, hard work. ✨

'Work hard until your idols become your rivals' - Hand-lettering work by Mark van Leeuwen

What's creativity without a little risk? And besides, where's the fun in always…

The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame. From the indian novelist Salman Rushdie. by maztrone

Make Everyday Things Beautiful Every Day by Joseph Alessio

Typography inspiration

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Mr Cup is raising funds for 2016 Letterpress Calendar . The creative manifesto on Kickstarter! This is the edition of the Mr Cup letterpress calendar ! As last year, worldwide renowned creatives participate to its creation.

Typography Inspiration 13 - UltraLinx

Typography Inspiration 13