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:O HUNTERS you're doing IT wrong? Just wait by deer crossings instead of spending time hunting them down :P ;

5 Hilarious 'How Bow Dah' Hunting and Fishing Memes

5 Hilarious 'How Bow Dah' Hunting and Fishing Memes

As much as you may want to think hunting and fishing isn't effected by the one-liner 'How Bow Dah', that couldn't be farther from the truth!

Chuck Norris?  Never heard of her.

I don't mind Norris, but you can never go wrong with The Duke. I can never get tired of The Duke. Norris can be a little exhausting.

True love!

To give up that big of a deer is true love.amen a 100 times over. My husband has done this many times and I've done the same for him. It's not easy, I can tell ya that.

Ethical food

If you are anti hunting and buy your meat at a store then you are a hypocrite.

redneck zombie fortress- Only a few friends will know why I pinned this. And this one's for you! Try not to pee your pants.

2012 Manufactured Housing Industry Awards - MMHL

"redneck treehouse" (Oh the things we try to do with old trailers!