So Small

cute adorable Little animal finger wildlife creature owl small Beak baby owl little owl owl on finger

Need this owl

"Lovely Owl" - the most adorable owl video ever. :) I want the one that acts like a kitty.

Tierisch gute Momentaufnahmen - Win Bilder | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Here's a fun batch of perfectly timed animal photos. And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think they'll do cutest animal picture ever

I like to paint  Sunflower

Blue bird sitting on a sunflower. in honor of my beautiful daughter Amanda who loves sunflowers, and is more beautiful than a blue bird , even this one

A saw-whet owl

Good things come in small packages Saw-Whet Owl (Photo by Megan Lorenz)

Baby Owls!

Owls Photograph by Irawan Subingar, My Shot These two owlets are known as Sunda scops (Otus lempiji). They had just hatched from their eggs a few weeks before this photo was taken. (This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.

Und so entsteht ein Vogelnest

Even Birds build cob homes! hornero-bird-building-nest Building a new home?

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