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Share Your Best Sewing Patterns, Tips, Techniques and Ideas. Have you ever spoke with a person about sewing and encountered a term that you really did not understand?

прихватка-варежка-выкройка.gif (650×920)

прихватка-варежка-выкройка.gif (650×920)

Tie Dye Diva Patrones: Cadera a ser cuadrado - Costura inglete Esquinas en servilletas de tela u otros cuadrados cercado

Tie Dye Diva Patterns: Hip to Be Square - Sewing Mitered Corners on Cloth Napkins or other Hemmed Squares

How to Sew a Mitred Corner

How to Sew a Mitred Corner (Tilly and the Buttons)

Mitred corners create a neat finish on exposed corners, without any flappy bits that you might get by folding one edge over the other. It’s a lovely little extra detail to add to the kick pleat on the

Small bag diy sewing

Small bag diy sewing

Na papier toaletowy

Het borduurwerk is niet nodig als je dat niet leuk vindt. Werk het uit in een leuke stof of met kant. The embroidery is not nessecary if you don't like it.


How to sew a perfect mitered corner. Best and Essential Sewing Tips, Tools, and Tricks for Beginners