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Jonghyun selca

If anyone needs any gift ideas for me, all I need in my life is this picture in like a wall-sized poster so I can hang it in my room and cry.

Shinee, Jonghyun, The O'jays, Keys, Kim Kibum, Arrow, Amor, Key, Human Height

jonghyun / shinee

In memory of Jonghyun, always remembered as someone who loved music and though he was part of Shinee he was a man who always gave his best and needed more love. My sincere condolences to family, close friends and fellow band members.

Amber and Jonghyun

Amber J Liu, My first female Bias And King Dino Jonghyun

Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation with the late Jonghyun of SHINee

jonghyun who writes a new legend every time he has a performance. 💚 thanks to you i spent a good time with oppa.


we're gonna step and go!

Onew / I actually love his bed head

Jonghyun #selca <3

Jonghyun #selca <3