Pink Patchwork Car Cover for a SMART FOUR TWO car made with with fabrics donated by Celebrities

Hello Kitty Smart Car 4

12 Crazy Cool Custom Smart Car Designs

I think Smart Cars are so cute. I've never seen one in real life (or at least not that I can remember), but in the pictures they look like little toy cars

Smart car with rhinestones and eyelashes.

Smart car with rhinestones and eyelashes. Love people who are not afraid to express themselves!

Smart car

Smartcar Pictures of Unusual Colored Smart Cars - Pictures Gallery of Smart Car Pics

Smart Car trailer. (This is great for when you buy furniture and want to save on shipping charges.)

Now you have a regular car trunk and regular gas mileage for twice the cost.

A diamond encrusted car! Yes please!!! Who wouldn't want to steal this!!!! <3 // Kala N. #TheBlingRing #PinToWin

Diamond-encrusted Mercedes car was displayed at the Dubai Motor Show and valued Source: themotorshow


let's all be eco friendly now.and in style :)